Monday, March 17, 2008

Catchin' Up

It has been a while since I have posted so I need to catch up.

This is Kyle's preschool picture. I thought it was cute for a school picture! It is a scan so it pretty dark.
Thanks to dinosaur week at school, Kyle will finally play with this toy. Gran and Pop Pop bought it for him a couple of years ago and he has been terrified of it since then. Now it is one of his favorite toys!
Kyle was entered into a drawing at his dentist office for having no cavities. He won! He received two tickets to the Mavericks vs Kings game and 2 parking passes! He had a blast! His favorite part about the game....the Chili's blimp!
His second favorite part was the cotton candy!
He loved his foam finger so much, he even took it to bed with him (along with every stuffed animal he owns)!
We also got a little bit of snow. Here he is attempting a snow angel.
For St. Patrick's Day he had to make a leprechaun trap.
The kids set there traps up to see if they could catch a leprechaun. Kyle's is on the far left side in the front.
The kids had to wear "special glasses" to see the leprechauns. Unfortunately, no one caught a leprechaun since so they are so fast but they did leave behind lots of gold!
I just realized that I do not have a single picture of Kaden for this post! He is way too busy to sit still for a picture.