Friday, October 26, 2007

Homecoming Parade

Kyle's preschool class was in the Homecoming Parade on Wednesday. This was the first time he has participated in a parade and he loved it.

Kyle in his school shirt with his noise makers.
The side view of their "float". Of course none of the kids would look at me for the picture. The back view. Once Kyle and his friend moved over I got to sit on the edge of the flatbed and hope they did not hit the brakes too hard.
Waiting for the parade to start...
Kaden and Daddy watching the parade go by. You can't tell in this picture but apparently Kaden loved the parade too.
And just because I thought this was a cute picture of Kaden....
Kyle in his new gigantic footsie pajamas. I did not realize they came in his size. They go all the way up to size 12. I could dress him in footsie pajamas until he is 10. :)