Monday, November 05, 2007


This year for Halloween Kyle wanted to be a race car driver. He called himself "Lightening Kyle McQueen". Kaden was a monkey.
Such a cute monkey!
Standing up to show off his costume.
This is Kyle's preschool class all dressed up for Halloween.
They had several games set up for the kids to play. Kyle was really good at the bean bag toss.
The high school students set up up a face painting center. Kyle wanted a football. He was very proud up of it but quickly smeared it across his cheek.
The kids listening to their teacher read "Go Away, Big Green Monster".
Kyle and his teacher.
After Kyle's school party was over it was time to trick or treat. This is the kids on the way to the "good candy neighborhood". Most of our neighbors turn their lights off on Halloween so we usually go to a different neighborhood to trick or treat.
"Trick or Treat!"
Kaden trying out his 1st 3 Muskateers. I think he liked it! :)
Our pumpkins:
This is the pumpkin that Kyle requested. He wanted a "scary face" pumpkin.
This is the pumpkin that Nathan made. It is from a picture I took of him and the kids.