Wednesday, April 30, 2008


I thought since it was almost May that I should post Easter pictures! Better late than never. :)

A few days before Easter, Kyle deocrated eggs.
Here he is with the finished products. We tried to get Kaden involved with decorating eggs but he was not interested.
I at least got this picture that kind of looks like he helped! Kyle made Easter cards and Kaden wanted to help this time. He put the Elmo sticker on this card.
The day before Easter we went to a egg hunt at Nanny's "apartment" as Kyle calls it. Thanks for these pictures Aunt Kathy. Mine turned out horrible.
Pop Pop and Kaden.
Kyle and Nanny.
Gran keeping Kaden happy with a little ice cream.
Finally Easter looks like the Easter Bunny came to our house.
Kaden playing with his new Elmo remote control.
Nathan and Kyle playing with the Hot Wheels Crashers.
Later on Easter Day, we went to Gran and Pop Pop's house. Kyle decorated more eggs, did a craft project, and decorated cupcakes and cookies.
Kyle looking for eggs.
Kaden was more interested in playing than looking for eggs but we managed to get this one picture of him picking up an egg. I think that was the only egg that he touched.
Kyle with his basket full of eggs.


Dawn Endres said...

What a fun Easter! Look at all that loot! Pretty Eggs.