Thursday, October 23, 2008

4th of July

Just picking up where I left off 2 MONTHS AGO.... We spent the 4th of July at Gran and Pop Pop's house.

Kyle filling up the pool.
Kaden "helping" his brother.
Kaden adjusting his super soaker. Kaden doing his favorite activity...watching airplanes.
Since Gran and Pop Pop live out in the sticks, they are allowed to do fireworks in the backyard. This one did not work out as planned.
Nathan borrowed the kids super soaker to put out a little fire. Ha!
And that's where the pictures ended that night. The entire neighborhood was putting on their own shows. Ours was a little too close for comfort so I spent the rest of the night protecting the kids from all of the debris. It was a lot of fun though!


Kathy said...

Your little guys are precious! I check often for updates. Give them a hug from their Aunt Kathy and Uncle Mike!